Top 10 Tips for Playing Pokies

A pokie is unbeatable machine in many senses. There is no magic or trickery that one can perform to sway the odds in their favor. They are programmed to pay out a specific percentage of the time and will never deviate from course. Each spin of the reels will have the same statistical chance of winning as the one before.

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Having said that, there are a few ways to help overcome the math of pokies and start see better results the next time you sit down to play pokies.

Tip 10: Before you even begin to play, you should always have a set amount of money dedicated to playing pokies.

Tip 9: Pick the right machine and you will notice an instant increase in not only your winning, but your entertainment value. Picking a machine that is not fun to play or does not pay out all that, well will lead to many pitfalls. You may decide to stop playing due to not having much fun. The obvious reason being, it isn’t paying out that much. Pick a good machine and stick with it.

Tip 8: Always play the maximum number of coins. Most pokies only allow you to hit the jackpot when playing the max number of coins.

Tip 7: Play the maximum number of pay lines. Just as a machine won’t pay the jackpot for not playing the max coins, the same holds true for playing the max number of pay lines.

Tip 6: Use proper bankroll management. Keeping track of your money and possibly setting a stop loss limit will allow your bankroll to grow.

Tip 5: Pick a limit that is within your bankroll. Playing a $5 a spin pokie with only $50 is not a good way to maximize your money. Use a rule of 3-5% of your bankroll on any spin and you’ll do fine.

Tip 4: Get as many bonuses form the casinos as you can. These bonuses will add extra value to your playing time.

Tip 3: Play jackpot machines to get even more bang for your buck. These jackpots are separate winnings from the normal game and can be huge at times.

Tip 2: Don’t get depressed when losing. If you are getting frustrated, get up and walk away until your feeling better

Tip 1: Have Fun!

Speak the Pokie language

You will often words used to describe pokies that you will unlikely hear anywhere else. These terms or words can be confusing to you if you have never heard them before. Not to mention a bit embarrassing. Were here to help you overcome your language barriers and get to know a bit more about popular pokie terminology.


One of the most common words in the pokie dictionary is reels. A reel is the heart of a pokie and what makes everything work. Without these reels, you would have no game. The reels hold all the symbols and characters and are the devices that spin when you push the button. You can see how important they are to the game now. Many machines will vary numbers of reels. The most popular are the 5 reel pokies, but it’s not uncommon to find ones with only 3.

Progressive Pokies

A progressive pokie is one that has a jackpot attached to it. This jackpot will grow progressively depending on many factors. This is where the name comes from obviously. These jackpots can vary in size, but are always worth going after. The progressive jackpot will also hit at random and then reset to a standard amount and start growing once again.

Pay Lines

A pay line is a way the pokie determines a winning spin. You will notice lines that can go in many directions that will pop up on the screen when you win. These lines will show where the pay line is. You can also find this information regarding all pay lines on a specific pokie by looking at its directions.

Many machines have multiple pay lines as opposed to early models with only 3 or so. Today’s pokies will have up to 100 and in some cases even more. The most common types are ones with 25-40 pay lines. It’s important to note that you will have to pay a coin to use each pay line. However, it’s important to play all if you can, as the biggest paydays come from using all available pay lines.

History of Pokies

The pokie machine was actually invented in the United States by man named Charles Fey. He was a San Francisco native and inventor. The first machine was produced in the late 1800s and was entirely mechanical.

The original pokies were called slots or bell machines. The bell machine got its name from the Liberty symbol in the reels. This Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol in American history. Some also called them fruit machines due to the pictures of fruit on the reels.

The first pokies were intended to mimic a card game, but were found to be almost mathematically impossible to create a machine that could pay out all the combination of winning hands. The pokie machine with only 3 reels and a few ways to pay out became an easier machine to produce.

The popularity of pokies began to grow across America and you could find them in just about every bar, barber shop and cigar shop you walked into. However, early in the 1900s many states would ban the machines and were forced underground. This is when the casinos started placing them in their casinos and they instantly became a he success.

The modern day pokies have many flashy graphics and noises; they are very well built and contain a lot of technology. It would take decades before the first attempt at a video slot would happen. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that a group of inventors would make the first video pokie machine.

It was created using a regular Sony television placed inside a wood cabinet. Its inner workings were considered to be a computing marvel back in the day. By today’s standards it’s comparable to having a thumb drive or San Disk.

This new twist on pokies would allow them to grow infinitely. We now see nothing but video pokies and some of them are visually stunning. I don’t think any one had ever dreamed that people would be playing a pokie game from the internet or with so many technological advances.

The end is nowhere near as far as innovation goes with pokies. Each year a new and creative way to play is introduced. We can’t wait to see what’s next.